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This area is devoted to kit building. Here you’ll find our logs about projects we have underway, planned or dreamed about.

2 thoughts on “Kit Building”

  1. I purchased a Stinson SR-10 quarter scale, which was a partially built model from Hostetler plans. The parts that came with this model include almost everything. I had purchased the plans and was trying to decide whether or not to do this build. When this came up, I couldn’t resist. So, yes, call it cheating. Either way, I still have a long ways to go to have it completed.

    I did finally begin over the last few days. The left wing was in primer state, the right wing lacked the stitching and tape work in the bottom. I have now completed that. Next, it’s time to do all the cutouts and double check the fit of all items. Once done, I’ll go forward with the paint work on the right wing through to primer. I’ll then need to do the final fitting to the fuse to make sure the contours match.

    I did put the wings back on it again today. It is a very large model. 10 1/2 foot wingspan and it stands around 30″ tall. The model is being covered in Stits covering and is being painted with PolySpray products. It will be painted like the Shell Aero full scale plane.

  2. It seems the weather is finally breaking! With the warmth I can get back onto the Stinson. I have lots of epoxy work to do and it’s finally warm enough. Once these final bits are glued, I can spray the feather coat onto all the glassed areas. When that is done, I can finish the covering and start the final painting process.

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