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Category: Flying

Real Flight Files

10 November, 2008 (19:21) | Flying | By: admin

As Chris has a new model… a 35% Cap which does not have covering, we have been working on creating the look in Real Flight. Here’s the tga file with the design. Cap 232 Texture File

Dont go chasing Buzzards!

31 August, 2008 (22:24) | Flying | By: Chris

Ok so when your having a good flying day and your flying your most saught after planes, or the ones that scare you the most use logic. Today John and myself were having a good day, doing some low passes with my Pitts Special SC-2 trying to time the plane from the beginning of the field to the […]

Telemaster with Onboard Video

23 August, 2008 (01:38) | Flying | By: admin

I decided to do a rather quick video setup. All I did was rubber band the cam corder to the top of the Telemaster wing. Turned it on and launched! I noticed the plane was flying sort of oddly and was thinking “gee this really has an effect on the plane”. After landing, I found […]

The First Day of Real Gliding!

11 May, 2008 (11:08) | Flying | By: admin

Last night Mother Nature finally smiled on me, bringing it all together into one of those magical moments to fly! Still new to gliding and my EasyGlider, but gaining more understanding with more reading and more flights, the wind had swung around to the perfect direction and speed. I launched the EasyGlider and powered her […]

The Value of a Quality Instructor

11 May, 2008 (10:04) | Flying | By: admin

As my instructor Chris starts to cut the umbilical cord… yes, that trainer cord hasn’t seen the light of day for a few weeks now… but I’m sure it will reappear again, I’m starting to think back about the whole process. As most of you know now, T1 met an early death. Norman flew it, […]