Dont go chasing Buzzards!

Ok so when your having a good flying day and your flying your most saught after planes, or the ones that scare you the most use logic. Today John and myself were having a good day, doing some low passes with my Pitts Special SC-2 trying to time the plane from the beginning of the field to the end to calculate the speed that it was flying. First let me tell you about this plane it was a small bipelane .40 size to be exact covered in a good stars and bars pattern. The plane was customized Tolley style having a .61 engine on it and it scared me every time I flew it years ago so it stayed hung on my wall for about 4 years. The wall hanger was beautiful to me, showed my love for the hobby with also the respect for things out of my leauge thus for hanging on the wall.

 The pilot “ME” had came to be a decent flyer so it didnt take much arm twisting when my friend John said ohh come on get it out so it wasnt long before it was flying again. The plane was hard to take off and had to fly fast to develop the lift it needed so the goal for the small bipe was to hit 100 mph and today it may had hit that mark right before it hit the ground WIDE OPEN STRAIGHT DOWN. You see when you fly you cannot be satisfied just getting off the ground and enjoying flight you go out chasing your dreams and asperations but ohhh not me I went out chasing Buzzards… DUMB DUMB DUMB to the point where orientation was something that I would have paid for untill i realized I HAD NOTHING no radio controll straight down from a few hundred feet to a place the is completely undetermined at this time. If we only knew the outcome before we done things like glider towing, air to air spitfire dogfighting, or even water landings, or tree landings for that matter we may not always throw caution to the wind but for John and I we probably would laugh like we do now. We try to make the most out of bad situations enjoying life to the fullest and the hobby to the extreme. I will post some pictures of the sc2 if it is found and if it isnt found ill play tapps for the little pilot who was probably ejected i wonder if the look on his face is still Calm like a painted on face. Sorry for the run ons this is the first time ive posted to our site so bear with me untill i get up and flying.



Telemaster with Onboard Video

I decided to do a rather quick video setup. All I did was rubber band the cam corder to the top of the Telemaster wing. Turned it on and launched!

I noticed the plane was flying sort of oddly and was thinking “gee this really has an effect on the plane”. After landing, I found that some of my covering had pulled loose from the elevator and that was actually the culprit. Basically, I was having to give a lot of up elevator until I got it trimmed out again to compensate for the covering. I could hear it flapping as well.

So, here’s my first take from the air. It is from our Goshen air strip. For those who have not seen our facility, this does give some idea as to size and the wonderful location we fly from.

John Hinton

Telemaster First Onboard Video