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Month: August, 2008


31 August, 2008 (22:44) | Pictures | By: Chris

Dont go chasing Buzzards!

31 August, 2008 (22:24) | Flying | By: Chris

Ok so when your having a good flying day and your flying your most saught after planes, or the ones that scare you the most use logic. Today John and myself were having a good day, doing some low passes with my Pitts Special SC-2 trying to time the plane from the beginning of the field to the […]

Telemaster with Onboard Video

23 August, 2008 (01:38) | Flying | By: admin

I decided to do a rather quick video setup. All I did was rubber band the cam corder to the top of the Telemaster wing. Turned it on and launched! I noticed the plane was flying sort of oddly and was thinking “gee this really has an effect on the plane”. After landing, I found […]